2022 GMB March Madness Turf
2022 GMB March Madness Turf
03/10/2022 - 03/13/2022
O'Fallon, IL
  • 14U
  • AA/AAA

March 12th - 13th, 2022
2022 GMB March Madness Turf
Ofallon, Il Family Sports Complex

Chesterfield Valley Athletic Complex, Chesterfield, Mo
9U - 14U, 3 Game Min
A/AA and AAA/Major Divisions
(9U - 12U, 13UA/AA, 14UA/AA, $550) (13UAAA, $575) (14UAAA, $625)

14UAAA/Major To Be Played @ LPA Academy Turf, Chesterfield, Mo (Sold Out)
14UAA To Be Played @ To Be Played @ Chesterfield Valley - Natural Fields 
13UAAA To Be Played @ Ofallon, Il (Sold Out)
14UA/AA, 13UA/AA  To Be Played @ Chesterfield Valley - Natural Fields
12U and Below Moved To Turf @ Chesterfield Effective 2/14/22 - 12U Below Is Sold Out

14U and Above – 60 x 90
13U - 54 x 80
11U and 12U - 50 x 70
9U and 10U - 46 x 65
8U Kid Pitch - 40 x 65
7UM - 8UM - 8U Coach Pitch - 40 x 60

Teams Are Required To Sanction with GMB for the 2022 Season and Post Roster Online - Teams will be asked to sanction at checkout.

Game Balls Provided By GMB
Teams Are Expected To Provide Two Chasers/Team To Umps @ Ground Rules - Can Be Slightly Used
Umpires Will Start Game With Four Baseballs - Teams Are Expected To Chase Foul Balls or Provide Them

Schedules Released @ 10pm Wednesday Week of Tournament

GMB Hotel Contact
Impact Housing
Cat Young

Travel teams that require overnight stays for GMB tournaments are required to use Impact Housing for All GMB Hotel Travel - See GMB Hotel Policies

GMB Contact
314-753-0627 c
314-872-7009 o

  • 14U AA/AAA  - $550.00
36 Teams Registered